• White asparagus and rhubarb soup

    It is white asparagus season here in Germany! Those beautiful pale stalks are now gracing the local market stands, alongside some robust rhubarb… This spring I’ve been experimenting a bit with rhubarb in savoury applications with mostly pleasing results.

  • Salad for breakfast

    Yep, breakfast salad. Vibrant ruby grapefruit and crisp apple matchsticks drizzled with fresh-pressed ginger juice, a squeeze of lemon, barley malt syrup and chia seeds. On top of a day-old pancake. With some almond-soy yoghurt for creaminess. Not a bad…

  • Summer melon salad

    This is exactly the kind of light meal a lazy summer day calls for – easy, fast, raw, fresh.

  • Apricot thyme smoothie

    Morning sun and shadow: apricot thyme smoothie for breakfast. 1 frozen banana, 3 huge and ridiculously tasty apricots, 1 date, a small handful of cashews, pinch of vanilla, picked leaves from several thyme sprigs, a few ice cubes and a…