• Gluten-free cake goodness

    The other day, I felt like eating cake. It was also high time for a blog post. And I recently met a friend who’s eating mostly gluten-free. So I thought, “Why, I’ll develop a gluten-free cake recipe for the blog,…

  • Müsli

    Müsli — nourishing and satisfying weekday breakfast or snack, that, with a tiny bit of foresight, is easy and quick to prepare.

  • Berry buckwheat borridge

    Berry buckwheat borridge. That’s like porridge, except raw and made from buckwheat à la Green Kitchen Stories and My New Roots. This version is also made with raw buckwheat soaked overnight, then blended with a bunch o’ berry-like fruit (strawberries,…

  • Pink morning

    Pink morning: melon strawberry smoothie. a small, incredibly sweet chanterais melon, a handful of forest strawberries, some almonds, a small drizzle of maple syrup and topped with a few thyme leaves.

  • Apricot thyme smoothie

    Morning sun and shadow: apricot thyme smoothie for breakfast. 1 frozen banana, 3 huge and ridiculously tasty apricots, 1 date, a small handful of cashews, pinch of vanilla, picked leaves from several thyme sprigs, a few ice cubes and a…