I occasionally get asked for recommendations on cooking references, so I thought I would keep a non-exhaustive list of mostly current favourites here.


Way back in the day, when I was still a Masters student and a mild interest in cooking began to develop, Heidi Swanson’s blog 101 Cookbooks (vegetarian) was a favourite resource. Simple, stylish with an understated California grace and everyday charm, it’s interesting to see how the blog has evolved while maintaining those essential qualities.

On the hip but home-y front, I subscribe to Green Kitchen Stories (vegetarian), My New Roots (vegetarian), The First Mess (vegan) and Eat this! (vegan, in German). They are the kind of food blogs with vibrant, perfectly styled food-porn photos and flawless Instagram feeds that I generally don’t condone because of the feeling of “that elusive perfect life” that they create in us mere mortal onlookers, but with these guys there’s a level of self-awareness and honesty that comes through which grounds them and makes them worthwhile references.

When I want to bake something or need decadent dessert inspiration, I turn to Oh Ladycakes (vegan) and Seitan Is My Motor (vegan). The latter is written by a lady from Dresden, and I particularly appreciate her European perspective (many amazing poppy seed-loaded baked goods, like this marbled marzipan-poppy seed cake I’ve been making for years).

When I need inspiration for something a little out of the ordinary or have time for a more involved culinary project, I check out Olives for Dinner (vegan) or Amy Chaplin (vegetarian). Olives for Dinner has a more exotic flair, often featuring veganized Asian-fusion creations (Pressed Maitaki Buns with Gojugang-Hoisin Glaze anyone?), while Amy Chaplin comes from a professional gastronomy background (former executive check of New York’s reknowned vegan restaurant Angelica’s Kitchen) and has clients like Natalie Portman and Liv Tyler on her personal chef résumé. Her approach is more sophisticated and involved, so I only dig in when I have time and money to dedicate to a recipe, but the results can be exquisite (make the Matcha Coconut Custard Tart for someone you really like).

Cookbooks and food podcasts coming soon!