Kitchen Transformation

My intention is to bring calmness, clarity and power in our home kitchens; to distill the overwhelming amount of information around sustainable food into simple guidelines accessible to a wide audience — family carers juggling different needs, time-limited professionals or students on a budget.

Together we focus on:

  • Choice of materials: we build a pantry based on plant-based, seasonal, regional and organic ingredients. This creates a foundation of connection and compassion — for the health of all beings and the planet.
  • A new methodology: rather than limiting ourselves to classic recipes, we develop “cooking guideline” blocks which we can reorder according to our mood, the occasion or what we have at hand. This empowers us to stay efficient, flexible and creative.
  • Preservation: working more directly with local, seasonal produce means we are confronted with situations of over-abundance and develop a curiosity about a wider palette of tastes and textures. We explore the fascinating world of fermentation to reduce food waste and keep us inspired throughout the year.

I plan to support this process by developing physical materials, a digital subscription space offering continual input and a supportive community of fellow kitchen transformers, holding regular workshops and offering personal coaching to those interested in diving deeper. This will be an incremental work in progress, so check back often or get in touch directly if you are curious to stay up to date.