Kitchen Transformation

My intention is to support and empower people to cook every day in a way that is healthy for themselves, other beings and the planet as a whole. To this end, I am developing a cooking methodology based on three pillars:

  • Start with what you have
    • Build meals around local, seasonal ingredients and your current kitchen situation
  • Modularity
    • Learn basics and techniques instead of precise recipes
  • Step by step
    • Start with small changes that seem doable

I am still working out the format of the guide. The information could be presented:

  • Online on a website / app
    • Video / text / graphic content, available as a one-time purschase or subscription service
  • As a printed book
  • As printed cards / posters
  • In workshops

This idea is starting to see the light of day thanks to my participation in the Circular Economy Incubator 2020. I am currently conducting a first survey to understand people’s cooking habits and kitchen challenges, and present a prototype of the guide. If you are interested in taking part and have 30 or 60 minutes to spare, please get in touch.