December 2017

Lunch’n’learn workshops at the Impact Hub Bern

19.12 Vegan baking: Christmas cookies
Grab your rolling pin and get ready to blow everyone’s minds with a variety of delicious, nutritious, fully vegan cookies this Christmas. Yes, it’s possible, and no, it’s not hard. Cookies are a great introduction to vegan baking, and you’ll learn tips and tricks for replacing eggs, dairy and butter in traditional recipes. Gluten-free or processed-sugar-free options available on demand, just write a note in the comments when signing up. And no, we won’t only have cookies for lunch ūüėČ
12.12 Seitan
Seitan (not to be confused with satan) has found a place on many a hippy’s happy plates when the craving for a hearty, satisfying meat replacement kicks in. It’s made from gluten, the main protein of wheat, and is a handy, versatile thing to have up your sleeve when wooing those omnivore guests. We’ll learn how to make it from scratch, which is both cheaper and much more delicious than the sad, chewy sponges sitting on store shelves. You’ll learn a variety of applications, not least as an impressive veggie roast for your Christmas feast.
5.12 Soup
Winter is here, so for our first December workshop, there’s just one thing to cook — a bowl of cozy, comforting soup. Whether humble or hearty, velvety smooth or rustic chunky, there’s a soup for every soul; we’ll learn a general procedure which you can use to make a variety of different creations depending on the season, your mood, the occasion, and taste preferences…¬† We’ll then apply this procedure in class to put together a delicious pot of goodness for our lunch.

17.12.17 Projekt Habakuk Open Sunday: Chirstmas with the Habakuks

12:00 ‚Äď 16:00
Heitere Fahne, Dorfstrasse 22/24, Wabern

The Habakuks celebrate Christmas with a vegan lunch feast for everyone — a classic seitan roast, rustic whole-grain barley with mushrooms and spices, pillowy mashed potatoes with a sexy saffron-garlic butter twist, and beautiful bio local seasonal veggies. Topped off with an unreasonable but appropriate amount of our Habacookies and vegan Stollen as you digest over tea or coffee. Our cook Kremena will give a short intro to vegan baking so you can produce even more unreasonable amounts of cookies for all your friends and family this Christmas.

Lunch buffet with dessert, 12 to 14:30, 20-30 CHF.
Drinks, cake, snacks until 16:00.

November 2017

Lunch’n’learn workshops at the Impact Hub Bern

14.11 Vegan quiche
Quiche is one of those versatile dishes that is great to have in your culinary repertoire, because it can be quick, easy, adaptable and is always a crowd-pleaser at lunch, brunch or simple dinner tables. I’ve tried many a vegan quiche recipe in my time, and today we will prepare the recipe I find to be a great all-rounder, with inexpensive and nutritious ingredients, quick and easy prep time, and delicious results.
21.11 Fermentation 101
We’ll take a first peek into the magical, bubbly world of fermentation, by making our own Korean-style “Sauerkraut” called Kimchi. We’ll go over a few other quick vegetable pickling ideas, learn the easiest way to sterilise preserves jars and introduce some nutritious fermented products that you can play around with in your own kitchen.
28.11 Onions!
I love the fact that Bern has a traditional market especially celebrating that humble but ubiquitous vegetable, the onion. The Zibelem√§rit is on Monday, 27 November, this year, and I will go and procure unreasonable amounts of onions so that we can prepare a simple onion soup, the epitome of comfort food. We’ll enjoy it with some amazing, crusty bread, a heart-to-heart about food traditions and nostalgia, and a slice of… onion pie, perhaps?


19.11.2017 Projekt Habakuk Open Sunday: lunch ‘n’ craft

12:00 – 16:00
Heitere Fahne, Dorfstrasse 22/24, Wabern
Come fill your belly with deliciousness from Habakuk’s classic buffet then digest and relax while crafting your own personal Christmas cards or small presents at our community table. Habacrafters will show you how, and the kids can join too. Accompanied by a slice of home-made cake, a cup of coffee and Ian Leu’s soft serenades… it’s Sunday at its best.Lunch buffet with dessert:¬† 12 to 14:30,¬† 20-30 CHF.
Drinks, cake, snacks: until 16:00.
Crafts table and music: from 14:00 on,  by donation.

October 2017

Sonntag, 29.10.17, 12 ‚Äď 17 Uhr, mit Projekt Habakuk in der Heitere Fahne.

Brunch war gestern! Das innovative Team vom Projekt Habakuk l√§dt euch diesmal ein zu einer sonnt√§glichen Schlemmerei zwischen zmittag & zvieri. Ab 12.00 Uhr ist das Buffet reichlich gedeckt mit veganen K√∂stlichkeiten zum selber sch√∂pfen, und gegen Nachmittag gibt‚Äôs einen nahtlosen √úbergang zu Kaffee & Kuchen. So kommen auch Sp√§taufsteher & Ausgangsgesch√§ndete auf ihre Kosten. Platziert werdet ihr √ľbrigens an verschiedenen Gemeinschaftstischen; euer smart phone d√ľrft ihr f√ľr einmal ausschalten & daf√ľr mit eurem Tischnachbar ein paar nette Worte austauschen!

À propos Übergänge & Geschändete, des Gastes potentieller Katers wird im Verlaufe des Tages gehätschelt von warmen Ambient- & sanften Chillout-Klängen direkt aus der Plattenkiste von DJ Share (Tech Noir Club).
Jetzt mal ehrlich ‚Ästwas will mensch mehr an einem Sonntag‚Ķ?