• Salad dressing

    In November 2019 I had the pleasure to cook for the inspiring Facilitathon event organized by the tireless people behind the NOW Association. Our amazing photographer Zhuliyan Zhekov (Instagram, YouTube) encouraged me to make a short video showing how to…

  • Lunch’n’learn: the beauty of beans

    After covering lentils and chickpeas in the first part of the power pulses series, beans were the focus of today’s workshop. A simple pot of beans If I had to choose one symbol for the type of cuisine I stand…

  • Summer grillin’ and baked green polenta

    Summer grilling season is upon us! I thought I would share a couple of vegan bbq guidelines so y’all have ideas about what you can throw on the grill this summer. And a baked polenta “pizza” recipe, because there will…

  • White asparagus and rhubarb soup

    It is white asparagus season here in Germany! Those beautiful pale stalks are now gracing the local market stands, alongside some robust rhubarb… This spring I’ve been experimenting a bit with rhubarb in savoury applications with mostly pleasing results.

  • Pesto magic

    Pesto is one of those lovely, practical condiments that lights up the room and brings dishes to life. Infinitely versatile depending on what else is happening on the table, you can take it well beyond the traditional basil staple.

  • Surfing solo: one ingredient inspiration

    Strolling through the Türkischer Markt in Berlin the other day, wandering which of the piles of fresh produce would become dinner that evening, I happened to spy a crateful of green in the back of the fishmonger’s wares.