• Quick comfort

    How to pull together a quick, comforting meal with ca. 5 ingredients: Do you happen to have some cooked potatoes on hand? Why yes, as a matter of fact I do! Good for you! Chop them into cubes. Nope. Throw…

  • A time of plenty

    Summer is a time of plenty… a time to rejoice in tomatoes bursting with flavour; perfect, tiny, sweet wild raspberries; fresh, golden corn; huge zucchinis from the garden. A time when “cooking” is almost trivial. Go for a stroll in…

  • White asparagus and rhubarb soup

    It is white asparagus season here in Germany! Those beautiful pale stalks are now gracing the local market stands, alongside some robust rhubarb… This spring I’ve been experimenting a bit with rhubarb in savoury applications with mostly pleasing results.

  • Clean slates and pulses

    Happy New Year! I’m a little late to the party, it being February and all, but here we are! I’m not much of a resolutionist nor a fan of the January detox frenzy, but I do have a goal or…

  • Salad for breakfast

    Yep, breakfast salad. Vibrant ruby grapefruit and crisp apple matchsticks drizzled with fresh-pressed ginger juice, a squeeze of lemon, barley malt syrup and chia seeds. On top of a day-old pancake. With some almond-soy yoghurt for creaminess. Not a bad…

  • Surfing solo: one ingredient inspiration

    Strolling through the Türkischer Markt in Berlin the other day, wandering which of the piles of fresh produce would become dinner that evening, I happened to spy a crateful of green in the back of the fishmonger’s wares.

  • How to eat every day

    How to eat every day: cook up a large batch of grains and legumes (beans, lentils) sometime in the week you’ve got time and you’re in the mood for it (the weekend, maybe). Go to the market, get excited about…

  • Summer lunch

    Rounding up today’s lunch: heirloom tomatoes, a slice of that rye bread, basil, avocado, rocket and chickpea salad. With a good drizzle of young olive oil and some balsamic vinegar.