• Surfing solo: one ingredient inspiration

    Strolling through the Türkischer Markt in Berlin the other day, wandering which of the piles of fresh produce would become dinner that evening, I happened to spy a crateful of green in the back of the fishmonger’s wares.

  • How to eat every day

    How to eat every day: cook up a large batch of grains and legumes (beans, lentils) sometime in the week you’ve got time and you’re in the mood for it (the weekend, maybe). Go to the market, get excited about…

  • Summer melon salad

    This is exactly the kind of light meal a lazy summer day calls for – easy, fast, raw, fresh.

  • Summer lunch

    Rounding up today’s lunch: heirloom tomatoes, a slice of that rye bread, basil, avocado, rocket and chickpea salad. With a good drizzle of young olive oil and some balsamic vinegar.