• Salad dressing

    In November 2019 I had the pleasure to cook for the inspiring Facilitathon event organized by the tireless people behind the NOW Association. Our amazing photographer Zhuliyan Zhekov (Instagram, YouTube) encouraged me to make a short video showing how to…

  • Quickie: hummus and pesto, a love story

    Sometimes a spark of culinary inspiration lights up my every day life and I feel inspired to share it with the world, but then I think about the effort involved in writing a blog post (taking nice pictures, agonizing for…

  • Spiced quince compote

    Another autumn, another quince recipe. Last year I went the poached route, this year I decided to try a compote.

  • Pesto magic

    Pesto is one of those lovely, practical condiments that lights up the room and brings dishes to life. Infinitely versatile depending on what else is happening on the table, you can take it well beyond the traditional basil staple.

  • Rockin’ basil pesto

    Cleaning out the fridge before a trip means spontaneous pesto time! This time it happened to be a few handfuls of rocket salad, a bunch o’ basil, a little parsley, a decent sized garlic clove, a few almonds, generous glug…