co-kitchen is a community-oriented, collaborative kitchen which celebrates our connection to each other, to our food and to all other living beings we share the planet with. Vegan, organic, regional, fair and food-waste-conscious ingredients and processes are a given, forming a solid foundation upon which creativity roams free.

co-kitchen’s founder, Kremena, is a trained computer scientist who made the obvious jump into vegan gastronomy several years ago. She is insatiably curious about all aspects of plant-based cuisine, constantly nibbling on fascinating information about preparation, nutrition, origin and sustainability. She particularly enjoys sharing food and knowledge with anyone willing to eat or listen.

When she is not co-kitchening, Kremena is involved in some cool projects:

  • Projekt Habakuk, a not-for-profit organization promoting vegan gastronomy in Bern, currently organizing monthly events at the Heitere Fahne.
  • co-, a local sharing community for people in Bern interested in experimenting with a non-monetary gift economy.
  • Active member of Foodsharing in Bern

And when she is not projecting, some activities she enjoys include:

  • practising Iyengar yoga
  • going for a nice, long run in the Bremgarten or along the Aare
  • escaping to the Swiss mountains
  • cozying up with a good book
  • spending time with wonderful people
  • solo travels to far-away lands